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Why World Intra-operative Neuromonitoring?

We offer the best IONM services with:

  • Highly trained & indemnified team

  • State of the art equipment & technology

  • Our emphasis on patient safety and effective communication 

  • Dependable and efficient

At WIN, we provide 360 degree 365/24/7 coverage for surgical procedures of any kind which includes but not limited to what we have listed in our Services as well as research studies and Pro-Bono cases.


We are always keeping up to date with technology, technique, and trends. Outsourcing can save costs related to staffing, training, and equipment. 


Our Staff

  • Top of line machines

  • Service provider and distributor for products listed.

  • Trained rigorously by our Chief Neurophysiologist

  • Keep current with webinars, seminars, and studies

  • Covered by indemnity insurance

  • Highly communicative, dependable, and attentive

Clinical Director

  • 10 Years of experience with over 4500+ cases completed

  • Specialized in Brain/ Cardio/ Orthopedic/ Spine Monitoring

  • Trained in USA by largest IOM Company, SpecialtyCare

  • Consulted and helped assist in developing 3 IONM Companies in 3 different Countries 

Operating Room
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